Popcorn Kidz originated through the hearts of Parents who wanted the best education for their children.  Their was an immense need for an Afrikaans Tutor centre for children with special needs.  The big search started, but an Afrikaans Tutor centre was nowhere to be found.  Therefore the invention of such a Tutor centre was inevitable.

Popcorn Kidz was initiated in July 2009 and gave four busy little boys (Luc, Gustav, Dawie and Eduan) the opportunity to learn and to receive a purposeful education.  The most important factor is that each child’s unique special need can now be addressed.

CURRICULUM for the “Kidz”:

The Management of Popcorn Kidz find it imperative that the children at the Tutor centre receive a structured education program which is adapted individually according to the needs and potential of each learner.

An independent assessment is done on a regular basis by a SNAP  (Special Needs Adaptable Programme) senior Educationalist.  You are welcome to visit the website www.snap.org.za for further information about the SNAP organisation.

Various areas are addressed such as:  Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Self Help Skills, Social Skills,  Receptive Language, Expressive Language, Perceptual Skills.  Sensory Integration is addressed throughout the programme.

CURRICULUM for the “Tutors”:

Part of the vision of Popcorn Kidz is that the Assistants who become involved with the Popcorn Kidz tutor centre receive ongoing training.   This empowers them to assist the children who are ready to enter the main stream schools, by supporting them within the main stream schools. Thus, not only is Popcorn Kidz a centre for the children, but also a centre of empowering individuals to make a difference in the life of a child.


The management of the Section 21 Company [Popcorn Kidz Incorporated (2010/007314/08)] currently exists of B. Venter (Auditor), L.D. Snyman (Specialised Project Manager and Lecturer), T.F. Steyn (Auditor) en G. Van Gaalen (Attorney).  Management meets on a regular basis to address Finances and other corporate governance matters.

The daily functioning of the Popcorn Kidz Tutor centre is structured and planned through the combined efforts of the four Mothers of the boys who currently attend the Tutor centre.  However, Marelie Venter is involved on a daily basis at the Tutor centre to ensure that the Teachers as well as the Assistants follow through with the planned Curriculum.


The Popcorn Kidz tutor centre do not have enough words to thank Donors. The centre could not exist if it was not for the willingness of certain Donors.  Various events have already been presented by Popcorn Kidz tutor Centre, i.e. an evening at the Barnyard Theatre (2009 & 2010), Ladies’ morning with Guest performers, and the 2010 Momentum 94.7 Cycle challenge.  These events were in aided in the acquisition of specialised equipment for the centre, as well as the payment of Specialists such as specialised education in Music, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy.

Should any person or Organisation be interested to donate, or to become involved with your time, then kindly contact us.


  1. Building and managing a centre where children with special needs are tutored in Afrikaans; as well as
  2. The training of individuals as “Tutors” to assist the children on a “one-to-one” basis