“I think one of the best words in the English language is ‘compassion.’ I think it holds everything. It holds love, it holds care… and if everybody just did something. We all make a difference.”

– Michael Crawford

Did you know?

We are a registered non-profit organisation

This means that your donations are tax exempt in South Africa.
Section 21 Company [Popcorn Kidz Incorporated (2010/007314/08)]


  1. Building and managing a centre where children with special needs are tutored
  2. The training of individuals as “Tutors” to assist the children on a “one-to-one” basis
  3. Supporting the parents of children with special needs

The Popcorn Kidz tutor centre do not have enough words to thank Donors and Sponsors. The centre could not exist if it was not for the willingness and generosity of  Donors like you.

We host various events to raise awareness and funds during the year, but we also need financial contributions from people and business partners to keep providing this crucial service. These events and sponsorships aid in the acquisition of specialised equipment for the centre, as well as the payment of Specialists such as specialised education in Music, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy.

Should any person or Organisation be interested to donate, or to become involved with your time, then kindly contact us.

Donate to us via the Running for Gian campaign

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