Two Oceans Marathon 2018

31 March 2018 is creeping closer. The Two Oceans Marathon is always big drive to raise funds for PopCorn Kidz.

We are the proud parents of a very handsome 10 year old boy, Gian. During 2011 he was diagnosed with autism. During this same year we were very fortunate to become part of a remarkable organization, Popcornkidz! They really helped us and supported us through a very difficult time in our lives. Not only did they give Gian the much needed help he required in all fields of his development through one to one tutoring, the love and support we received from the other parents and tutors were priceless! We decided to give back to them and started the OMTOM campaign 4 years ago to help them raise funds to enable them to help other families in the same position as us. We are forever thankful to Popcornkidz! But we are also running for our super hero Gian, who's journey inspires us everyday! Please support us in making a difference!

- Lerika du Plessis

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